About Us

Providing consultancy services for the last 10 years, we have a wide range of experience in assisting small companies to grow larger. Having been through the pleasure and pain of starting up and learing the hard way what works and what does not, we are uniquely able to provide assitance to your company as it emerges into the marketplace.

On initial contact with us you will be assigned a consultant who will be your single point of contact through the entire project. Our working practice is to engage you in the process and ensure that key deliverables are identified and clear expectations are set at all times. Our process follows the sequence below:
1.  Initial discussions on the broad requirements
2.  Determination of project scope and constraints upon delivery (time, external suppliers etc.). Identification of key deliverables.
3.  Sign off of project proposal and costs
4.  Regular updates / meetings to communicate progress and any changes to base assumptions
5.  Delivery of final report / deliverables
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