Software Services

Our staff have extensive experience in all levels of software development. Our background arose from full cycle delivery projects, covering functional requirements gathering, selection of technology, alignment of architectural design with business needs and development/deployment of systems to end customers.
We are fully capable of devivering solutions through our own development teams, however our role is often to take on project management as part of the solution delivery and thus maintain an entire view of the progress, issues and solution routes that are being implemented.

The issues
We've all seen the common problems that plague the software development world - it's not the developers or the architecture - invariably it's the fit of the solution to the business problem that is being addressed by the software that becomes the problem.

The solution
The solution is surprisingly simple - talk. Here our ethos is one of constant communication with clients to ensure that the design of the solution meets the often changing needs of the customer. Customers have a hard time tying down what they want to do over the time frame from initial engagement for delivery of a new system to deployment. Their needs change during this time frame and this often results in solutions that are delivered but do not meet current business requirements.
Whilst it is impossible to work with moving goal posts, it is often the case that customer expectation management can result in solutions that deliver a required specification that is capable of evolution over time. This is achieved by continious communication with clients to ensure that they are aware of the implications of the change requests they are making and the resultant impact upon the solution they will receive.

Why us ?
Here we take the projects that you wish delivered and remove layers of complexity in your project management. Irrespective of the number of solution providers involved in contributing to your project, we act as a single point of contact, able to understand your business needs, communicate these to development teams and other 3rd parties and return meaningful project timelines and delivery schedules to you.

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